Updated February 11, 2013

Yankee Candle Fragrance Mixology

Using Yankee's Housewarmer jars, Sampler votive candles and Tarts Wax Potpourri,
you can mix different scents together to creat custom scents.
Here are some suggestions on creating new scents!

A Bushel and a Peck: Farmer's Market and MacIntosh Spice

A Day in Provence: Lemon Lavender and Sage & Citrus

After The Rain: Water Garden and Cottage Breeze

All Hallow's Eve: Moonlight Harvest and Pumpkin Pie

Almond Blossom Tea: Almond Cookie and Midnight Jasmine

Almond Cranbery Bread: Almond Cookie and Mandarin Cranberry

Almond Crumb Cake: Almond Cookie and Cinnamon & Sugar

Amber Breeze: Amber Glow and Cottage Breeze

Apple Bundt Cake: Cinnamon & sugar and Candied Apple

Apple Butter: MacIntosh Spice and Buttercream

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal: Farmer's Market and MacIntosh Spice

Apple Crisp: Cinnamon & Sugar and MacIntosh

Apple Crumble: Be Thankful and Candied Apple

Apple Dumplings: MacIntosh Spice and Fall Festival

Apple Picking: MacIntosh Spice and Autumn Leaves

Apple Pumpkin Tart: MacIntosh Spice and Vanilla Pumpkin

Apple Walnut Pancakes: MacIntosh Spice and Fall Festival

Autumn Abundance: Autumn Fruit and Be Thankful

Autumn Bliss: Orchard Pear and Cinnamon & Sugar

Autumn Bounty: Autumn Fruit and Orchard Pear

Autumn Carnival: Candied Apple and Mulling Spices

Autumn Celebration: Vanilla Pumpkin and MacIntosh

Autumn Market: Farmer's Market and Autumn Wreath

Autumn Moon: Moonlight Harvest and Autumn Wreath

Autumn Mountain Air: Autumn Leaves and Mountain Lake

Autumn Orchard Nights: Moonlight Harvest and Orchard Pear

Autumn Orchard: Autumn Fruit, MacIntosh, and Orchard Pear

Autumn Passion: Farmer's Market and Mandarin Cranberry

Autumn Solstice: Moonlight Marvest and Midsummer's Night

Autumn Spice: MacIntosh Spice and Autumn Wreath

Autumn Spiced Wreath: Autumn Wreath and Mulling Spices

Autumnal Wedding: Monlight Harvest and Fresh Cut Roses

Baked Pears: Harvest and Orchard Pear

Baked Pumpkin: Vanilla Pumpkin and Spiced Pumpkin

Bakery Bliss: Almond Cookie and Buttercream

Baking Spices: Almond Cookie and Autumn Wreath

Beach Breezes: Beach Walk and Willow Breeze

Beach Linen: Country Linen and Beach Walk

Berry Good Morning: Good Morning and Berry Jam

Blackberry Zinger: Autumn Fruit and Cranberry Chutney

Blue Ribbon Peach Pie: Farmer's Market, Mango Peach Salsa, and Vanilla Cupcake

Bobbing for Apples: Candied Apple and Sparkling Snow

Bountiful Harvest: Be Thankful and Spiced Pumpkin

Bridal Bliss: Spring Bouquet, Fresh Cut Roses and Sweet Honeysuckle

Bubble Bath: Fresh Cut Roses, Cottage Breeze and Country Linen

Candied Almond Apples: Almond Cookie and Candied Apple

Candied Pumpkin: Vanilla Pumpkin and Candied Apple

Caramel Apples: Fall Festival and Candied Apple

Chai Tea: Moonlight Harvest and Harvest

Cherry Macaroon Cookie: Almond Cookie and Black Cherry

Cherry Orchard: Black Cherry and Orchard Pear

Cinnamon Cake: Harvest and Vanilla Cupcake

Cinnamon Toast: Be Thankful and Cinnamon & Sugar

Cornucopia: Vanilla Pumpkin and Fall Festival

Cottage by the Beach: Beach Walk and Cottage Breeze

Country Kitchen: Be Thankful, Vanilla Pumpkin, and Autumn Wreath

Country Market: Farmer's Market and Cranberry Chutney

County Fair: Farmer's Market, Spiced Pumpkin, and Candied Apple

Cranberry Pumpkin Bread: Vanilla Pumpkin and Mandarin Cranberry

Creamsicle Kick: Starfruit Orange and Buttercream

Crisp Autumn Air: Clean Cotton and Autumn Leaves

Days of Wine and Roses: Autumn Fruit and Fresh Cut Roses

Deep Fried Ice Cream: Almond Cookie and French Vanilla

Dew Berry: Berry Tangerine and Honeydew Melon

Diamonds and Pearls: Clean Cotton and Sun and Sand

Egyptian Summer: Sun and Sand and Egyptian Cotton

El Dia de los Muertos: Fall Festival, Fresh Cut Roses, and Midsummer's Night

Exotic Romance: Midsummer's Night and Stargazer Lily

Fall Cider: Autumn Fruit and Pomegranate Cider

Fall Harvest: MacIntosh Spice, Mandarin Cranberry, and Orchard Pear

Fall Orchard Harvest: Moonlight Harvest and MacIntosh & Peach

Fall Splendor: Pumpkin Pie and Harvest

Farmer's Bounty: Autumn Fruit and Farmer's Market

Farmer's Harvest: Farmer's Market and Harvest

First Date: Cherry Blossom and Midsummer's Night

Flower Garden: Spring Bouquet and Greenhouse

French Toast: Be Thankful, Fall Festival, and Cinnamon & Sugar

Fresh Apple Dumplings: Be Thankful, Farmer's Market, and MacIntosh Spice

Fresh Berry Pie: Berry Jam and Vanilla Cupcake

Fresh Breeze: Clean Cotton and Cottage Breeze

Fresh Laundry: Clean Cotton and Egyptian Cotton

Fruit and Cloves: Farmer's Market and Mulling Spices

Fruit Cobbler: Autumn Fruit and Be Thankful

Fruit Punch: Black Cherry and Berry Tangerine

Fruit Salad: Honeydew Melon, Juicy Watermelon and Mango Peach Salsa

Fruit Smoothie: Peach and Sweet Berries, Sweet Strawberry and Buttercream

Funnel Cake: Buttercream and Candied Apple

Gingersnaps: Moonlight Harvest and Cinnamon & Sugar

Go Green: Water Garden and Willow Breeze

Halloween Night: Moonlight Harvest and Vanilla Pumpkin

Harvest Bonfire: Moonlight Harvest and Autumn Leaves

Harvest Festival: Harvest and Candied Apple

Harvest Hayride: Moonlight Harvest and MacIntosh

Harvest Sage: Moonlight Harvest and Sage & Citrus

Harvest Spice: Moonlight Harvest and Mulling Spices

Harvest Welcome: Be Thankful and Autumn Wreath

Havana Summer Nights: Amber Glow and Ocean Water

High Tide: Ocean Water and Sun and Sand

Hot Apple Pie: MacIntosh Spice, Cinnamon & Sugar, and Buttercream

Indian Summer: Autumn Leaves and Sun & Sand

Island Daiquiri: Sweet Strawberry and Honeydew Melon

Island Margarita: Vanilla Lime and Buttercream

Jack-O-Lantern: Moonlight Harvest and Spiced Pumpkin

Key Lime Pie: Vanilla Lime and Buttercream

Kitchen Mischief: Be Thankful, Midsummer's Night, and Mulling Spices

Landing at Plymouth: Be Thankful and Ocean Water

Laundry on the Line: Country Linen and Egyptian Cotton

Lavender Moonbeams: Moonlight Harvest and Lavender Vanilla

Mandarin Lime Martini: Mandarin Cranberry and Vanilla Lime

Mango Berry Tango: Berry Jam and Mango Peach Salsa

Maple Sugar: Almond Cookie and Vanilla Pumpkin

Masculinity: Midsummer's Night and Sage and Citrus

Melon Balls: Juicy Watermelon and Honeydew Melon

Midnight Romance: Sweet Violet and Willow Breeze

Midnight Stroll in the Pumpkin Patch: Spiced Pumpkin and Midsummer's Night

Moonlight Swim: Moonlight Harvest and Mountain Lake

Mulled Wine: Autumn Fruit and Mulling Spices

Ocean Spa: Ocean Water and Island Spa

October Dusk: Moonlight Harvest, Harvest, and Midsummer's Night

Pies on the Windowsill: Be Thankful and Farmer's Market

Pilgrim's Pride: Be Thankful and Harvest

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla Cupcake, and Buttercream

Pumpkin Exlosion: Vanilla Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie, and Spiced Pumpkin

Pumpkin Patch: Vanilla Pumpkin and Harvest

Pumpkin Picking: Spiced Pumpkin and Fall Festival

Pumpkinberry Delight: Cranberry Chutney and Pumpkin Pie

Pure Romance: Midsummer's Night and Sweet Honeysuckle

Raking Leaves: Autumn Leaves and Harvest

Roadside Fruit Stand: Farmer's Market and Orchard Pear

Seduction: Sun and Sand and Midsummer's Night

Snicker Doodle: Almond Cookie and Fall Festival

Southern Nights: Midsummer's Night and Willow Breeze

Spice it Up!: Harvest and Home Sweet Home

Spice Rack: MacIntosh Spice and Spiced Pumpkin

Spiced Pear: MacIntosh Spice and Orchard Pear

Spring Break: Island Spa and Sun and Sand

Spring Cleaning: Clean Cotton and Country Linen

State Fair Treats: Candied Apple and Vanilla Cupcake

Strawberry Limeade: Sweet Strawberry and Vanilla Lime

Strawberry Shortcake: Sweet Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake

Summer Lovin': Sun and Sand and Sage and Citrus

Summer Showers: Water Garden and Midnight Jasmine

Summer's Kiss: Amber Glow and Sun and Sand

Sunset Cocktail: Starfruit and Orange and Mango Peach Salsa

Sweet Autumn Nights: MacIntosh Spice and Harvest

Sweet Cinnamon Cider: Autumn Fruit and Home Sweet Home

Sweet Spiced Pumpkin: Vanilla Pumpkin, Frosted Pumpkin, and Spiced Pumpkin

Sweet Summer Melon: Sweet Violet and Honeydew Melon

Thanksgiving Table: Be Thankful, Cranberry Chutney, and Pumpkin Pie

Tranquil Nights: Midsummer's Night and Sage & Citrus

Tropical Paradise: Starfruit and Orange and Ocean Water

Tropical Escape: Island Spa and Water Garden

Tropical Paradise: Island Spa and Vanilla Lime

Turkey Day: Be Thankful, Cranberry Chutney, and Buttercream

Warm by the Fire: MacIntosh Spice and Mulling Spices

Witch's Cauldron: Harvest and Pomegranate Cider

Witch's Spell: Moonlight Harvest and Mulling Spices

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